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Most authors advise that correctly determining the age of a Pez dispenser is somewhat frustrating if not difficult. Although each Pez candy dispenser is marked with a patent date, which roughly indicates the time period in which it had been manufactured, this information alone can be misleading in trying to determine its age.

For example, the first patent number issued for the Pez dispenser was 2,, in The second patent issued was number 3,, in Thus, is would be logical to assume that all dispensers marked with the 2. This, unfortunately, is not entirely true. Starting approximately in the footless Pez candy dispenser stems were gradually phased out of production and replaced with Pez dispensers that had feet. Yet footed Pez dispensers with 2.

This means that dispenser stems were sometimes made using old molds showing patent numbers out of chronological order to their actual time of production. Knowing the approximate time line when a Pez dispenser was produced can help enormously in estimating the age of certain dispensers. Some Pez character heads were produced only in very limited and short time frames.

Welch in his second book Collecting Pez lists the approximate production times for Pez dispensers made up to For certain dispensers, such as the Olympic Pez made in , , and and the rubber headed Eerie Spectres monster Pez , the actual dates of production for each are restricted to fairly narrow time frames. Many other Pez dispensers were produced over long periods of time, such as Santa C which was made from approximately to about with a footless stem.

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There’s no mistaking the tilted heads that dispense pastel colored candy stacked in a narrow column. Next year, expect to see the ‘Batman vs Superman’ movie characters making an appearance. Also expect new flavors like banana. Pez was originally invented in Austria in , but the company’s only factory and headquarters are located in Orange, CT. Requests for personal Pez heads are made every day.

Chateau has a long history in Bordeaux dating back to the 16th century, when it was referred to as Domaine de Pez. The name change to what we know of today​.

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Brad – Pez Collector AM Apr 4, Speakers: Keywords: pez dispenser pez people podcast dispensers collecting candy hobby head regulars episode called pugs question brad weird bought pies deuces find Good day everyone who listen to time for your hobby and this is episode 88 wants some neck candy. I’m your host Alex and today I have the honor to have Brad as my guest on the show how you doing today? That’s amazing. Yeah, and I have a few more scheduled for I can go up to 98 by the end of this month.

I like to record ahead of schedule.

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Two years ago, the Frederick, Md. You never know what you’re going to find. More than Pezheads, each seemingly intent on seizing some hard-to-find dispenser or another, crowded the hotel for the First Northeast Pez Collectors Gathering, held in the hometown of Pez Candy Inc. With traders setting up tables both in the main conference area and in individual rooms throughout the hotel, collectors from as far as Austria and Japan picked through 50 years’ worth of American pop culture, as represented by colorful, cartoonish plastic heads perched on candy-dispenser stems.

But that piece may now have competition: On Friday night, Belyski unveiled a heretofore unknown edition — a sunglass-wearing, smiling lime from the early s that somehow had eluded the price-guide publishers. Still, it doesn’t cost much to get started. Naoki Sakabayashi said he started collecting three years ago because it was so inexpensive. Austrian inventor Eduard Haas developed Pez in as a breath mint for smokers. The name was derived from pfefferminz, German for peppermint.

When Pez came to the United States in , the company began producing the now-familiar character dispensers. The appeal appears to cross generations. Jeff Fountain, a medical technician from Schenectady, N. A frequent traveler, he looks for new models wherever he goes. But Brent isn’t interested only in the dispensers.


In general, patent numbers can give an indication but not a definitive date as to when a dispenser was produced. Left over stems can be used for years, being added to newer heads and likewise, older, left over heads can sometimes be placed on newer stems. Typically, collectors do not use all 7 digits of the patent number, only the first two numbers are referred to, so the original 2,, is simply referred to as a 2. Patent 3,, issued in described as a Dispensing Device for tablets U.

Patent 3,, issued in described as a Spring cage for use in a tablet dispensing receptacle U.

The Julian Date represents the date of production The last 1 or 2 digits (XX) indicate the shift (these numbers have no bearing on the expiration date).

Does anyone not know Pez? Tabs of candy that you manually load into a dispenser adorned with, usually, the head of your favorite character, Pez was one of the first brands that made candy interactive and fun. Today, the candy is produced in Connecticut, while the dispensers are manufactured in China and Hungary. The first five Star Wars Pez dispensers were released back in the busy saga year of There were also some eye-catching boxes holding the candy packets on shelves for fans of the day to enjoy, which are now highly desirable to collectors.

Oddly, none of the regular releases were characters from the prequels. However, there was a box set which brought to life a scene from The Phantom Menace. Take a look at the in-depth article by Matt Dracula about this quirky release and enjoy the video of Jar Jar doing his thing. As with many product releases around , this was somewhat out-there and, as such, totally charming. Or creepy, depends on your point of view.

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Inside the museum are 1, dispensers — at least one of every model made by the Austrian candy company since it began cranking them out in Pez dispensers to take home are offered for sale at the front counter, starting at 99 cents apiece, which includes two piece packs of the candy. No law requires the candy to be loaded into the dispenser and actually eaten, however, which is a good thing for many people over the age of 9.

Fortunately, three bucks buys not only an admission ticket but a personal guided tour from Doss, a former computer salesman and metal worker who got hooked on Pez a quarter century ago at an antique show.

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It is a nice place to visit if you want to reminisce. Tiny kids would really be too little to like The PEZ Factory was fun. They had a game for the kids.

Now collectors have an informative guide offering excellent photographs of nearly all known dispensers, as well as up-to-date pricing. Over dispensers are.

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See more ideas about Pez dispensers, Seasons, Candy dispenser. it is embossed with NUCUT which is a line from Imperial Glass dating from to

You may be surprised by the vibrancy of the collecting scene that has grown around those tiny flavoured sweets. In the case of PEZ dispensers, you simply would not believe just how much is out there and how many communities exist that revolve around the novelty toys. PEZ dates back to the late s when the brand first emerged as a peppermint sweet in Vienna, Austria. Its creator Eduard Haas originally made PEZ using family baking products and initially stored them in small tins.

The idea was both to keep the sweets fresh and clean, and also to sell them as an aid to smoking cessation — hence the decision to make early designs look like cigarette lighters. It took just three years for the dispensers to adopt a lighter tone and start including character likenesses such as Popeye and Mickey Mouse.

Pez fans gather for annual Pezylvania celebration: What is a 1985 Batman worth?

Located on one side of the stem, and towards the bottom, you will find a line of molded type that will say either “U. BOX Patent -. This marking can only be found on original regulars. It is my opinion that in reality this marking is more equivalent to “Patent Pending”. US Zone Patent -.

Nothing like the green astronaut Pez dispenser that sold for $32, on Other Pez candy flavors to date include apple, cherry, chlorophyll.

In Burlingame, collector Gary Doss has compiled a sweet tribute to a candy classic. By Kasia Grobelny. Dating back more than six decades, Pez has always been an offbeat candy and simultaneously a reflection of pop culture. So what is it about these tiny rectangles of sugar and their one-of-a-kind delivery system that has people hooked? The other half of the museum is just as fun and boasts toys from the s and 60s including a section on banned toys that have been pulled off store shelves.

Currently on display: lawn darts, scented crayons deemed good enough to eat by kids and an atomic energy science kit that included radioactive material. To keep his inventory up to date and appealing he adds three new Pez collectibles every month , Doss scours eBay, garage sales and antique sales. He also attends one of the eight annual Pez conventions throughout the U. So what kind of person collects Pez? Originally from Austria, Pez is a shortened version of the German word for peppermint.

No one is quite sure what magic combination resulted in Pez being able to stand the test of time, says Doss.


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