How To Date A Persian Guy



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DESCRIPTION: John Peter October 22, at My wife is a prime example of how the Persian culture benefits only their male components and fails to recognize their women as Goddess's! Took me five years to get away from him finally. If a Persian woman gets married to a white guy, the family will just be happy that she's married, and managed to avoid turning into a jar of pickled vegetables.

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A Freckled Life: 3 Double Standards for Persians & Getting Married

Have you even dated an Arab man? Is it too late?

  • This is a perfect example of biting the hand that feeds you.
  • You know you've seen it happen, don't lie.
  • Some of the worst people you will ever meet!
  • Coincidence that it's a side dish? I still miss her but I will never marry a girl who doesnt love me.

I'm an american girl going on another date with a Persian guy. We know this first hand as our lives started together as a direct result of her familes ignorance. When she came to me I felt it was not because of me and it is just a decoration of love so I broke up with her after 3 months. In a way, I'm a rarity because I was raised and born in California but its social atmosphere never corrupted me. Also, there really are many girls that are partially at least subconsciously attracted to a guy because of his status or money at least partially! They are loving and passionate, but they are also demanding. White people are still the most racist out there, so shut it.

Tips About Interracial Persian Dating

I have Hwo ass-no bubble butt though. Unknown July 21, at 4: I mean, she must be, right? This is not the case in traditional Persian homes, in which host and guest often engage in an elaborate dance of insistence and refusal known as tarof.

I can see why many in Mid East what to be identified under the "Persian" umbrella. Now as far as my opinion goes based on a very basic description of looks, you sound appealing enough. It can't be her choice. View Singles Near You.

View Singles Near You. Images of Iran, the historic center of Persian culture, evoke a fascinating blend of tradition and independence, the civilizing influence of the past and the sophistication of the modern era.

  • Would you date a Persian guy?
  • First of all i must say not all the persian guys are nice nor not all of them are wrong!
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  • My wife is a prime example of how the Persian culture benefits only their male components and fails to recognize their women as Goddess's! Need to consolidate loans?

My ancestry is before the afghan takeover, meaning I am aryan. Talk to your boyfried and he'll undrestand! I've got thighs but no cellulite or thunder thighs.

I think middle eastern men are very caring men. This is men altogether. Not any other since I am not conservative. Hope you the best in you love life Ivy. Talk to your boyfried and he'll undrestand!

Maybe people are saying things because they dislike inter-racial relationships. Well, it is a nice post sharing good information and allowing people to be aware about both the sides of being in a relationship. Colby Phillips' writing interests include culture and politics. Peter Moores November 3, at


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