Friend Treats Me Like A Therapist



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DESCRIPTION: Need to consolidate loans? How do I get rid of a clingy friend? Quora has great answers. Blue Milk - Mea culpa.

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He'd do the same for me. Except we don't, because women who say, "Hey, you don't have to take this" are shut down. I tried to talk to her about how it makes me feel to hear nothing but negative stuff everyday, especially when I start the call by saying "I'm having a great day today.

  • Friendships are two way streets, you have feelings and problems too.
  • My clinginess to friends often pushes them away, making me more clingy.
  • My partner and I have a zero discussion with other people rule regarding our own disagreements and it has been such a good thing for the relationship and for maintaining healthy friendships.
  • Claudia-- I think there's a difference between people who are actively trying to get out of their unpleasantness, going to therapy, considering other options, etc. Im a teenager and i don't like to go out is that weird??
  • It was triggered inside me by a couple of tangential remarks made by two of your commenters that I admittedly took out of context and unfairly compared to other conversations I've had in my real life. Im a teenager and i don't like to go out is that weird??

My friend treats me like a therapist more than a friend?

How to Spot a Sociopath in 3 Steps. You know, don't give me some sugar-coated bullshit if you really are feeling badly. Joy recommended talking about your problems when the other person started up. This person is going to the club with new friends for her bday, Feiend wasn't invitedthis is really getting to me.

I, too, just don't comment. If it's infrequent, it's ok.

It seems to me that "how to actually solve the problem" talk is NOT particularly welcome in most of these discussions. I think you should give her that letter and include contact information for a couple of therapists. I'm really sick of hearing people complain about how I'm a bitch for daring to tell people that I'm happy and that other people can be happy too. I don't necessarily think that this is anything you can or should change and as Nicoleandmaggie note, this is definitely not exclusive to your blog , but when you post about something like this, there are a lot of comments from women who seem caught in some sort of dynamic with their partners where their partners do crappy things and they vent about it online- but don't think it is something that can be changed.

My own notion of blogging etiquette doesn't match up with some of the prevailing blogging norms out there always directly link to the comments one wishes to critique. Is there anyway to treat Depression with OUT medicine like a home remedy no therapists either? What kind of therapist are you for your friends?

  • Friend's don't invite me out?
  • How highly sensitive people can become drained by helping too much.
  • That said, I do feel qualified to say that I know what does not work.

An old econ professor once made the "friendship as a form of social insurance" argument, and it never rang true until recently. We eventually need to identify and address the actual problem. Have a great solution?

Related Questions Is it okay for a friend to say "I love you"? For me, I would be ashamed, embarrassed, and think that the person who'd sent me that letter lacked courage, and wasn't ever a friend to begin with. Are You a Friend or a Therapist? I know now that I count in this world?


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