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DESCRIPTION: Benefits of a jacobs ladder? Internally threaded circular barbell, 10 ga.

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I think it hurt her fingers more than it hurt me. Actually, I've heard the 'vein in the middle' thing a few times myself. Both said It was the best experience they have ever had. You get the point. DON'T turn the ring in the piercing for the first weeks, move it very gently and only enough to remove the crusting, after that you can turn it enough for cleaning. Generally, a ring is chosen over a barbell, as it tends to be more comfortable. It depends on where you live and where you go to get the piercing now.

Jul 28,  · Sexual Benefits of a Jacob's Ladder Piercing? I am looking into getting a Jacob's Ladder and I can't find any information on any sexual benefits for Status: Resolved. Frenum Ladder A frenum ladder is a row of several frenum piercings from the base of the shaft up to the top. How many piercings you can wear on your ladder depends on shaft length and skin resilience. Recommended jewelry to 10 gauge straight barbell, curved barbell or captive bead ring.

A Jacob's Ladder piercing, or frenum ladder, is a series of frenulum piercings extending from the head to the base of the penis. Jan 13,  · I'm curious at the difference, where do you live and how much is a lip piercing, a tongue, and a nipple, and how much for a PA and how much for a hood . Frenum piercing, Fraenulum, Jacobs ladder piercing A Frenum piercing takes about 2 to 4 months to heal. Frenum piercing refers to the piercing of the loose skin under the shaft.

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I am a woman with a clitoral hood piercing. I think it hurt her fingers more than it hurt me. I got my tragus pierced at a professional tattoo parlor, which I suggest you do to, as it's cleaner and more professional.

Body Piercing prices Let's see. Genitals kind of depend in both areas, and PA's are generally more than, say, a Jacob's Ladder. Care and healing times are essentially the same, but care should be taken to keep clean, dry and free of pubic hair during healing time. How long can a jacob's ladder piercing stay out before growing closed?

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  • If you choose to wear captive bead jewelry during sexual intercourse, the piercing should be stretched enough to hold a smaller gauge jewelry to ensure that the bead will be held securely in place. Barbells are used in several piercings so you need to list a piercing in order to get a price, actually grab the phone book and call the body piercing studio for prices.
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