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DESCRIPTION: Well, then, I'm sure I'll have no idea what to do and you can make fun of me. Zig says he will try.

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  • Desperate to keep him safe, Maya pretends to be into Zig in order to convince him to stay away, even kissing him.
  • In OMFG , the two board the fan bus to the volleyball finals.
  • And nothing can tare that apart. Then, in Season 2, Episode

After Maya leaves, her mother says she's not okay with her being a lesbian. Maya says that's better than squatting, but Zig retorts if she's even heard about them. He asks her if she knows what goes really good with hot dogs. Zig tells Maya he came to talk about something else, this morning when I told you about Damon, I never want to be the one that makes you feel that way, Maya says he didn't Damon did, Zig says he's the reason it happened and that's why he needs to move out, Maya says no, no I can't lose you, Zig says the stuff with Damon is serious, Maya asks if Damon threatened you, Zig says no but he was in your house, if anything ever happened to you it'll be because of me, Maya asks what would happen to him and says she's been messed up forever because of Cam, thanks to you I'm finally getting past it, you can't, I need you in my life Zig, we're safe now, we have the alarm, please lets protect each other okay, okay. Maya says she needed to know what was going on, but he says that something could have happened to her and that Zig could have hurt her. Explore Wikis Community Central. Some believe that by the ninth century the Maya had exhausted the environment around them to the point that it could no longer sustain a very large population.

Who did maya hook up with

Lucas makes a choice between the Hoo, but Maya interrupts him, saying that he chose Riley. He then gets down on one knee while holding the roses up. After this, Miles drives her to her therapy appointment, where she thanks him for the ride. He says he can't believe that he did either. Please try again later.

He laughs and asks her if she really thinks she can do all of this. Maya attempts Wiyh by swallowing pills on the Degrassi roof. Grace enters telling them that she got the girls number, Maya asks whether she's gay but Grace says she just wanted to see the guys in short skirts, Grace puts a bag on the table with the gear inside it and they open it to look at it while Maya Hok Grace laugh.

In Season 2, Episode “A Kiss Before Lying”, Emily is still reeling from the news that Maya hooked up with with someone else, let alone a guy. When she and her mom make dinner plans with Maya, Em walks into the restaurant and spots Maya talking to Noel Kahn (Brant Daugherty) in a flirty, almost intimate way. Credit: Die Holmes/ABC Television Group © Disney Pretty Little Liars Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: What Guy Did Maya Hook Up With at True North. was hacked was a dir Hispanic male from New. Zig thinks that Maya is ignoring him because she's cheating on him with Jonah. Upset, Zig heads to the woods with Zoë, who is also heartbroken over being rejected by Grace. They both end up hooking up, which means that Zig cheated on Maya. Zig feels guilty later on due to Grace's pressure on him to tell Maya.

Maya slowly turns around and says if he came to dump her, she prefers he do it via text.

Hollingsworth says he does and Maya tries to say that they were doing homework. Yeah, but not straight to my face while you were looking at me. He asks her if she's okay and she says yes, now that he's here.

You could have gotten hurt on that stupid bull! It's possible it was just a random guy we've never met, but what if it was a character we know?

  • Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: What Guy Did Maya Hook Up With at True North?
  • In Obsessed , Maya and Zig wake up cuddled together after studying together.
  • Zig-Maya Relationship
  • Miles reminds her of how he apologized, but Maya tells him that it was not accepted.

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It is revealed that Lucas used to refer to Maya as "the blonde beauty". Her parents both try to be nice and friendly, but Emily's mother notices Emily and Maya playing footsie and goes into the kitchen and starts crying. She called me Huckleberry. Maya doesn't respond before Zig shows up late and clearly worried. A security guard comes and asks the kids what's going on and Maya tells him that Miles is with the band. Our editors will review what you've submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we'll add it to the article. Zig answers that he's not really interested in "watching a bunch of meatheads chase a ball around" as they continue watching Maya dance.

He then asks what she's doing sneaking around. A security guard comes and asks the kids what's going on and Maya tells him that Miles is with the band. Add a Primary Menu.


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