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Over an hour later, Ginny crawls into the room on her hands and knees, once more naked. So you're a right son of a bitch and need a shave horribly bad for one night. March 4, 2:

DESCRIPTION: The wizard has a maniacal grin on his face as he prepares to bugger the witch beneath him for the first time she can remember. After only a handful of strokes, Harry grunts as he shoots his seed into Gin-gin. Harry let out a very unmanly, feminine giggle, pushing her off softly. The biggest clue how is in your name's etymology.

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Harry and Ginny Potter | FanFiction

Once she is out of the way, Harry puts his feet on the ground and says, "Hermione, drop your shorts and bend over my knees.

  • That only leaves the matter of the whore to deal with. All four youngsters were in heaven but probably none more so than Ginny — Harry really did have a big cock — so long, so, so thick and topped by an even wider knob, she was stretched fit to burst but she was loving every moment and every movement of it as Harry thrust in and out at a quite brutal pace.
  • Harry smiles as he sees the state of Gin-gin's back, "Ah whore, I've been waiting for you, I need somewhere to rest my feet.
  • Cast Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter.

Long Epilogue to Shadows Within the Light! Hermione's Furry Little Problem -: So, the children they have with normal wizards and witches turn out as full-blooded incubi and succubi, but if they go at it with a muggle, their kids'll be muggles too, but with deactivated magical genes. Femslash, rated M for later Chapters. The messy haired young wizard retreats to the study where he continues to peruse the vast collection the Black family had established over the past several hundred years. The boys' enchanted cocks did not of course flag. A minor amount of extortion and blackmail are considered by the older players to simply be a part of the game.

‘Sod off, Harry,’ exclaimed Ginny, prodding his stomach. The tiny squeal he let out lit Ginny’s eyes up. ‘You’re ticklish?’ Harry ignored her. ‘Oh Merlin, the great Harry Potter, the Chosen One is ticklish!’ her boyfriend pretended . She was well sent and allowed Harry to cum far sooner than Ginny allowed Ron, the pair of them still fucking big time now with Ginny on top as Harry and Hermione stopped to watch. Hermione crossed to the pair and pried Ginny's bum cheeks apart displaying the younger girl's anus.

After Hogwarts (Harry Potter fanfiction)

A Very Special Christmas by Epeefencer reviews Harry awakens somewhere besides his cupboard and it seems that Christmas wishes can come true. The door opens and Hermione walks in with a bright smile wearing Daisy Duke Shorts and a tank top. Love was diminished by these rumors. Finally, simply because I can.

She was well sent and allowed Harry to cum far sooner than Ginny allowed Ron, the pair of them still fucking big time now with Ginny on top as Harry and Hermione stopped to watch. Hermione crossed to the pair and pried Ginny's bum cheeks apart displaying the younger girl's anus. FanFiction | unleash Home Community Books Harry Potter Harry and Ginny Potter. Harry and Ginny Potter. Follow. Focus: Books Harry Potter, Since: Ginny couldn't get over how hot everything felt- her asshole was stinging, on fire, Harry's cock felt like a searing metal poker, and his cum was almost boiling, she just couldn't get enough of it, and wound up lurching halfway through Harry's orgasm, messily cumming again into the moaning boy's trimmed bush.

He and Bell had become very close in the last two weeks, and as he enjoyed the feeling of her dainty hand's warmth on his cheek, Harry came to a decision. Are you okay, Master?

  • If you failed to do so, you would quickly notice increasingly painful headaches and nose bleeds; your body's natural reaction to not getting what it needs.

The Scaled Bits -: Hermione Granger and the Knights of Walpurgis -: A moment later the two are at the proscribed distance. Who is the Mysterious Profesor J.

Taken aback at the odd title he was being addressed with, and the situation in general, Harry finally pulled his pants up and shifted so that he was sitting Indian style. I looked up at the clock and realized that we had been talking for almost two hours! We each say the spell, touch the tips of our wands together, and barring unforeseen complications, we are married. Harry receives his creature inheritance on his 17th birthday and finds out that those he was closest to had betrayed him. As for your other concerns, you really don't need to worry. My wife has the appropriate documents already prepared if you are ready to sign today. It's so easy you get a bit spoiled.

The youngest Parkinson draws her wand in response. Harry got a confused expression in response to his sudden proclamation, so he reiterated. If I know Harry, he'll have some errand he wants me to run at some point today and I don't want to be elsewhere when and if that occurs. A price Harry will grow up to love. The Price of Victory by sbmcneil reviews Almost eight years after Voldemort's defeat, some of those who fought to defeat him were still paying the price.

The group spends several hours discussing various topics, including how Horace and Marlene can aid their new son-in-law, before Harry says, "Thank you much for your hospitality Horace. All stories contained in this archive are the property of their respective authors, and the owners of this site claim no responsibility for their contents.


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