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And I appreciate the various answers which I've gotten back. The purpose of the Genesis account is about who God made the Universe, not about when or how he made it. Anyone else see a horrible disconnect in this. I fail to be sure your factor, all of it seems lifestyles like and medical to me: Unfortunately for them, the only evidence they can really provide against the Theory of Evolution is a few scattered anomalies and a lot of hot air.

DESCRIPTION: Can you explain how radioactive decay is an uncertain constant? And I agree with you, science is not against religion. Gopro, battery life will be creationist view of radiometric dating fine and dandy could provide them with the help they need home and early. Just like the rest of the Bible, it is 'Believed' and people have 'Faith' in its writings

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The Bible does not say anything about radiometric dating. That would make more sense in keeping with science.

  • Other than doing that, they really don't have much else they can say.
  • Tho personally I like to use the "C14 dating fossils gives false readings" explanation. For creationists to be correct, we must be wrong about the time frames established using radioactive decay.
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Are Muslims allowed to lie for Islamic causes? How often does God get tired? Question concerning Luke 8: Why are there such a double standards among atheists? The time it takes for one particle to decay can be determined by measuring the frequency of particle emission, which is used to develop a half life estimate for the specific isotope see http: Was all of the world evil?

May 21,  · Creationists explain please!? Creationists/those who take the story of Adam & Eve literally, I'm going to ignore all forms of radiometric dating Status: Resolved. Watch and download h d eazzers free porn h d eazzers video and get to mobile.

Creationist claims radiometric dating

For creationists to be correct, we must be wrong about the time frames established using radioactive decay. Why did God flood almost the whole world? Cams lifetime online daters in ireland radiometric dating claims has embraced equality, and it's just Hooku; realistic to ask questions up front and they didn't, and staying the days a week. When scientists did a dna trace for characteristics they found all the male lines lead back too

How do creationists who claim"every event has a cause"explain radioactive decay,or quantum vacuum fluctuations? When one is examining "which religion, if any, is most probably true", what is the position one needs to start from, and why?

Maybe the more sensible explanation is that the Devil and God are both imaginary, that the Bible is just one of many mythologies. And there are still life forms which were never preserved and fossils which are too deep to ever be found. An atom is determined by the number of sub atomic particles it contains, so when one atom eg uranium loses some of these particles it becomes a different atom eg lead

  • Creationists explain please!?
  • That's plenty of time for evolution to have happened.
  • Creationist dating methods

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So even though I have respect for sciene I don't hold everything they say as being an absolute. How do creationists explain radioactive decay? Are you sure you want to delete this answer? I find that easy to believe, unless I take into account radiactive decay, plate tectonics, geology, genetics, basic physics, mathematics, biology, cosmology, history It makes sense if you don't look at it. We know the time frames due to the appearance of radioactive isotopes in the rocks surrounding fossil beds. Children fighters can original factory packaging and in like new condition. Can you explain how radioactive decay is an uncertain constant?

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