What To Do After Getting Her Number



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However, none of the girls I've talked to have given me more than one-two replies via text before no longer texting me. She's texting me for few hours and everytime she only text me a few words. If you had the chance to talk to her for a while before she gave you her number, there is no need to spend too much time in general chit-chat.

DESCRIPTION: No offence to ugly girls, I'm just saying. Thanks guys I appreciate this so much you don' t understand! Chick treats me really nice cause she needs something off me.

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You got her number, now what? Going from number to first date – Shakedown Lab

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  • I never asked for it.
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  • Mike, Just go for it again.

This leaves her perplexed and sends out a clear message you are not sure about how you want to proceed. However, none of the girls I've talked to have given me more than one-two replies via text before no longer texting me. So I Texted an apology to her the next day and she was cool with it. November 20, at 1: Thanks for the tips and I'll never forget this ideas to ask number from a girl was so easy. Want to learn how to stop being a loser and start getting all of the girls like I do? Dont sweat it dude. Of course, the fact she bothered to share her contact information with you in the first place means you did something right.

Now, before you mull too much over what to text a woman after you get her number, know this. Mindset is what it’s all about. Many start with a chaste “Hello or Hi”, which is safe but boring or with “Hi, it’s (name)”. This sounds like you really have nothing more to say. After you get a woman’s telephone number, is it better to text or call her the first time you contact her? This is a question we are going to discuss (and answer), right now.

What Should Happen AFTER You Get Her Number

I have been trying to text how I talk, with confidence, my sense of comedy, and displaying my own personality. And what is most important to you. Where is the rendezvous point? Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to go out with me for ice cream on Tuesday at 9pm. This Nukber not pathetic as we've been in the same situation many times.

Watch these guys videos, and just build confidence. So I have a really weird situation with a best friend at the moment. Pedro, It's not bad unless you want to be taken seriously. We have an episode on Project GO called over-exaggeration, basically this is the premise you want to have.

If you want to make sure that getting her number leads to an actual date in the future, you have to understand phone game. Getting Her Number Obviously, before any of this comes in to play, you have to get her number in the first place and be assured that she’s actually going to respond. She laughs while imagining your boner and finds you cute, cute enough where she happily gives you her phone number. Congratulations, you got her phone number. Bottoms Up Trey Songz. Now What Many guys think getting the phone number is the priority when you approach and interact with a hot girl you just met. Having a number means you now have access to this woman at your earliest convenience. More importantly, she granted you that access because at this stage in her life, she believes that, after just a few hours of knowing you, you possess the most basic qualities necessary for long-term potential.

What do I do about it? Did you ask for the number? How do you pick up a girl you've seen on social media instagram, twitter, kik? Sirch, It's only creepy if you think it's creepy.

  • The Lowdown On What To Text A Girl After You Get Her Number
  • So last night I was at a college bar and complimented a girl on her septum piercing.
  • Should You Text Or Call Her?
  • She wants you, so give her you.
  • However, none of the girls I've talked to have given me more than one-two replies via text before no longer texting me.


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